Each artist page has a single thumbnail image as an example of their style. If you'd like to view a single page with ALL the thumbnail images, please load the Thumbnails page. Since there are over 60 artists, that means over 60 images. It might take a while for the page to fully load on a dial-up connection.


I've split the Fan Art section into a frameset because there are so many artists, each with his or her own sample image for reference. To view an artist's work, simply click their name in the menu on the left. To see what's been added recently, refer to my Site Updates or Home page.

Get on this page!

Do you have some TF art that you have drawn/created that you would like to share? Well, why not share it here? I've got plenty of room to spare, and a popular site as well! I'll accept any TransFormers related art! Some suggested types of Art are: Pencil, Pen and Ink, Paint, Crayon, Watercolor, Colored Pencil, Computer Drawn, Computer Rendered, Computer Enhanced, Photographs of kitbashes, dioramas, models, etc... If it took your skills and imagination to create, it's ART, Baby!

What do *YOU* do?
  1. Make the art
  2. Scan in the art, or photo of the art
  3. Save the file as a .jpg (JPEG) file, preferably no more than 640x480 pixels
  4. If more than one piece is sent at once, feel free to zip or stuff them up
  5. Send an e-mail to me at transformers AT ggaub DOT com with the file(s) attached and the information specified below included:
  6. Your name (required), Title of each artwork, short description of each artwork as you wish, and anything else you would like noted in your section of this page.
  7. Kick back and watch the compliments roll in as TF fans see your art!
What will *I* do?
  1. Receive the images.
  2. Edit the images when necessary (like saving in a different file format, or resizing the image to be more tolerable to download).
  3. Create a listing for your art on this page, alphabetized by your last name, then your first name (if necessary).
  4. Add new art to the top of your list whenever you send me new art.
  5. Send a short message to the Cybertronian Conference about your art being available.