Lewis Braden
"Lewis' Domain"
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  1. Decepticon Battleship (5k, 8-23-00)
  2. Raze (1) - my fanfic Seeker. He transforms into a Dassault-Brequet SuperMirage 4000, which is a French delta fighter. (75k, 8-23-00)
  3. Raze (2) (32k, 8-23-00)
  4. Sideswipe - Sideswipe owns a special place on my display shelf since he was the first real Transformer I ever owned. I bought the G2 S.S., and I really liked that scheme, but the comics and TV show compelled me to mix the colors a bit. (52k, 8-23-00)
  5. Small Ship Craft (2k, 8-23-00)
  6. Small Shuttle Craft (3k, 8-23-00)
  7. Autobot Skiff - Here's a pic of an Autobot spaceship used in the Matrix Quest (4k, 8-1-00
  8. Ark, 73k

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