James Toole
[email protected]
  1. Prime - Can you tell I like Prime? Black and white, 36k
  2. Bumblebee - need I say more? Color, 22k
  3. A sample comic page - featuring Beast Machines Cheetor. Colored by Cream Filled Taco. Woo wee! 85k
  4. Beast Machines Jetstorm - Saaaaay what? Color, 18k
  5. Beast Machines Longhorn - Hey, he doesn't get enough respect. He's not THAT bad! Color, 39k
  6. BM Rhinox - My creation of what Rhinox would look like as a Beast Machines technorganic Maximal. Beast mode. Black and white, 37k
  7. Prime - An Optimus Prime I did recently, 71k
  8. Old Prime - Prime holding Megatron's head I did a few years back, 36k

Artist Sample