Eddie Perez
[email protected]
  1. "Bonded" - this is one i did in 8th grade as a black and white and i decided to color it up (49k, 3-3-01)
  2. "master of the house" - like the episode (60k, 8-28-00)
  3. "Afterburn" - like thrust this drawing is modeled from the toy (49k, 8-23-00)
  4. "energon feilds" - this one is like my older stuff more of a cgi feel to it as contrasted to the comic book style of the others (36k, 8-23-00)
  5. "Heroic Flight" - Silverbolt from Beast Wars modified by request, 72k
  6. "Overdrive" - Thrust from Beast Machines, 43k
  7. Spark - Optimus Primal (ape) on jagged hilltops, 50k
  8. Practice - this is a practice shot at some beast machines stuff, 33k
  9. Earth Paradise - Optimus Prime in a tropical paradise, 29k
  10. Traitor - Starscream on sunset background, "direct from the mind", 42k
  11. Devastate - Devastator against a sunset, 28k
  12. End of the Road - Rodimus Prime in scene from cartoon, 80k
  13. Optimus Prime - with golden planet background, 36k
  14. "Commander" - Galvatron with sunset background, 98k
  15. "Decepticon Pride" - Galvatron with swirling cloud background, 54k
  16. "Dino Fly" - Grimlock and Slag on Star Trek background, 86k
  17. "Great Expectations" - Sounndwave on Seattle background, 91k
  18. S.O.S. - Soundwave on flare/fireworks background, 26k
  19. "Grimmy" - Grimlonk on alien planet, 29k
  20. "Infinite Doom" - Megatron aiming at Grimlock, 113k
  21. "Ironhide" - on sunset background, 92k
  22. "Protector" - Ultra Magnus on stormy sky background, 119k
  23. "Shock" - Ironhide on ice planet background, 74k
  24. "Skywarp" - firing laser, 66k

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