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  1. New DJ - DJ's got a sleeker, nicer look! Goodbye blockiness, hello action! (25k, 8-7-02)
  2. New DJ Color - Same as above, but in color! This was my first, and last, attempt at Photoshop. I also slapped on an actual Autobot insignia later on. (36k, 8-7-02)
  3. Death Of The Dumbass - What happens when t-rex Megatron meets crocodile Megatron... (68k, 11-9-00)
  4. Dj and Aurora - They look so cute together! And yet Aurora still considers DJ "just a friend" (79k, 10-9-00)
  5. Home Sweet Home... - DJ's first trip to Cybertron. Will he ever get in a situation where he's not in over his head? (161k, 10-6-00)
  6. 2005 DJ - During the battle against Unicron, DJ's body reformed itself as a silver and gold dragon. (15k, 8-28-00)
  7. New and improved DJ! - Okay, well not that improved, but I still think he's better than older designs. (10k, 8-23-00)
  8. Bludgeon - in color (42k, 8-1-00)
  9. Bludgeon and Dinobot - color (81k, 8-1-00)
  10. Maximals - group shot, in color (129k, 8-1-00)
  11. "NW Primal" - Page representing an upcoming fanfic (106k, 8-1-00)
  12. Beast Wars Bludgeon - based on the ANimorphs tiger's design. Since this is my firsst one of him and I didn't have the real toy nearby, he probably isn't 100% correct. (28k, 7-21-00)
  13. Cosmos - One of my only two Minibots. Seaspray coming soon. (27k, 7-21-00)
  14. Cyclonus - my first Transformers toy. I drew him only looking at my stickerless toy so he doesn't look like his toy or comic self (30k, 7-21-00)
  15. DJ car mode - The living proof I suck at drawing cars... (39k, 7-21-00)
  16. Megatronforever - Megatron the superior holding the severed head of Galvatron the inferior. Just to show that Megatron is way cooler than Galvatron (35k, 7-21-00)
  17. New Autobots - Just a bunch of made up Autobots, mostly inspired by Go-Bots and other bootlegs I had lying around. (41k, 7-21-00)
  18. Nightwarp (new #1) - new design for Nightwarp (20k, 7-21-00)
  19. Nightwarp (new #2) - New design for Nightwarp, in a more dramatic pose (23k, 7-21-00)
  20. Seen This? - Nightbeat, Hosehead and Siren off looking for the Matrix (36k, 7-21-00)
  21. Toy Ironhide - What if Ironhide got his toy design on the show? Here's what! (30k, 7-21-00)
  22. "BW Sunstreaker" - Well, since there's a Fuzor SIlverbolt and he's so popular, I figured I'd change the Magnaboss Silverbolt's name instead. Sunstreaker seemed like an interesting character and the name fit an eagle rather well, so I chose him. I'm not entirely pleased with this rendition so I might redo it sometime in the future. (36k, 7-5-00)
  23. BW Ironhide - modified more to my liking. Also missing his shoulder cannons (50k, 6-26-00)
  24. Cicadacon - "What're you lookin at, punk?" (30k, 6-26-00)
  25. Lavatron - Inspired by the Animorphs Visser 3 toy. I like how I got the insane look on his face, which fits the character well (23k, 6-26-00)
  26. Maximal Group - rinted out the pic and inked over the art. Also added Grimlock's spots and more fur lines on the animal bits (105k, 6-26-00)
  27. Nightwarp - Lt_Tarantulas's character, designed by me, inspired by the Animorphs Tobias toy (29k, 6-26-00)
  28. Seaclamp - This one was done just for fun (34k, 6-26-00)
  29. The Maximals - Front row, left to right: Brawn (happy meal rhino), Optimus Primal, Razorbeast and Prowl. Back row, left to right: Outback (ape Primal with a different head), Grimlock, Bonecrusher and Ratchet (happy meal panther) (83k, added 6-18-00)
  30. Maximal Group - Front row, left to right: Razorbeast, Optimus Primal, Prowl, Ratchet. Second row: Outback, Grimlock and Bonecrusher (85k, added 6-18-00)
  31. BW Leaders - the original BW Primal and Megatron, slightly modified more to my liking (52k, added 6-10-00)
  32. Op Supreme - DJ's evolution to Optimus Supreme, from a fanfic I am writing following the end of Beast Machines (63k, added 6-10-00)
  33. Shadowplay - One of the Metrobots, a team of Autobots inspired by the Super Go-Bots toys (42k, added 6-10-00)
  34. "Battle" - between DJ and Roadkill, 77k
  35. "Thumbs up!", 48k
  36. "F*** you!" - rude gesture, 46k
  37. "beat-up and post movie DJ", 36k

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