Christopher Blair
[email protected]
  1. "Optimus Prime" - Black and White sketch of Optimus Prime (56k, 1-1-01)
  2. "G3 Arcee" - Arcee from my Generation 3 remake fics. ^_^ No more Princess Leia look! (44k, 1-1-01)
  3. "G3 Wheelie" - Wheelie, from my remake fics. A Wheelie that doesn't suck! Amazing what a new voice, new color, no rhyming and a sex change can do for that guy. :p (18k, 1-1-01)
  4. "G3 Beast Wars Rhodimus" - Rhodimus Prime during the end of my Beast Wars remake fics. He had to take Megatron 1's spark into his body, hence he gets shoulder cannons and a third alt mode. ^_^ (78k, 1-1-01)
  5. Dax, 24k
  6. "D2 Primea", 60k
  7. Rhodimus Prime, 59k

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