Brian Vigue
Vigistry: Fantasy and Comic Art
[email protected]
  1. "I-Pantera" - Black on grey never looked so good! (Pantera design by Amy K. Cyrway) (69k, 8-9-01)
  2. "I-Balefire" - The I-bot look was mainly intended for the ladies, but here's an exception to the rule -- the fruity flamer Balefire! So far he's the most complex I-bot I've done. You go, girl! (Balefire design by Jenny De Salme) (88k, 8-9-01)
  3. "I-Bluestreak" - This I-bot thing is really catching on, so of course I had to draw one of my own characters, Bluestreak. She's such a rebel dressing up in that shiny jacket! I wonder why she's dancing outside of an old factory site. (63k, 8-9-01)
  4. "I-Luna" - You can tell Luna is the funloving type by the way she plays hackey-sack with Waspinator's head! Maybe she's the type you don't want to mess with! This pic was the second of my I-bot series as well as the second in my decapitated Waspinator series! (Luna design by Jennifer Winder) (67k, 8-9-01)
  5. "Copperhead's Mind Games" - When he stares into your optics, your mind falls to pieces! (Copperhead design by Bill Heaston) (88k, 8-9-01)
  6. "Artemis Prime" - An I-bot version of Artemis Prime. Transparent auto-body -- what a concept! This is one of my most elaborate and all-time greatest TF pics. (Artemis Prime design by Amy Cyrway) (64k, 11-9-00)
  7. "Bluestreak's Halloween" - With a body like Bluestreak's you can bet she surprised everyone at the Halloween party with this costume! Perhaps it wasn't in a good way either! (55k, 11-9-00)
  8. "Bluestreak" - I like to draw other people's original characters, but this is one of my original Beast Wars incarnations striking a sexy pose. Li'l Blue here transforms into a dolphin, but you could have probably figured that one out! (95k, 11-9-00)
  9. "Kawaii Cracker" - It's BM Thundercracker with Inuarai in an all too cute and angelic scene. (BM Cracker design by Amy Cyrway, Inuarai design by Jennifer De Salme) (57k, 11-9-00)
  10. "The Falcon Has Landed" - BM Starscream strikes a lucky blow to the veteran fighter Halftrak. (BM Starscream design by Amy Cyrway, Halftrak design by Stephen Sobotka) (86k, 11-9-00)
  11. "Nightmare" - A pretty dream sequence between Bluestreak and Azgyr turns ugly when Blue's spiteful techno-demons start to haunt her. (Azgyr design by Amy Cyrway) (83k, 11-9-00)
  12. "Blancwulf & Pantera" - A scene reminiscent of Charlie's Angels! The most common response I get from this pic is "Poor Waspy!" (Blancwulf & Pantera designs by Amy Cyrway) (110k, 11-9-00)
  13. "Tash" - A pic request from a fellow RP'er who I only know as Tasha. Tash, the freaked-up fuzor, is a cross between a snake, a dinosaur, and a bird, but here she is in robot mode. This is one of my simple favorites! (72k, 11-9-00)
  14. "Beastial Rage 1" - Awesome is the PlayStation game "Bloody Roar 2!" So much so, I spoofed it using various original fan characters! (Pantera design by Amy Cyrway, Samiel design by Mary Plestch) (94k, 11-9-00)
  15. "Beastial Rage 2" - Rust design by Un Known, Inuarai design by Jennifer De Salme (97k, 11-9-00)
  16. "Beastial Rage 3" - Braddore design by Dylan Blacquiere, Ironhorse design by Mary Pletsch) (96k, 11-9-00)
  17. "Beastial Rage 4" - Blancwulf design by Amy Cyrway, Snakecharm design by Donna N. (95k, 11-9-00)
  18. "Temple of the Jackal" - Wanna know who helped out with those Egyptian pyramids? It was probably this guy! This is one of my most detailed works. (Jaxyl design by Amy Cyrway) (96k, 11-9-00)
  19. "Rav & Alegra" - Two Autobot femmes done in transparent I-bot style. (Both characters designed by Stephen Sobotka) (69k, 11-9-00)
  20. "Six-Packs Can Be Hazardous" - Blackarachnia ran into some trouble while doing a salvaging mission! (28k, 11-9-00)
  21. "Snickers" - Optimus Primal and Pantera are having a strange little debate. This pic is based on the Snickers commercial which spoofs the presidential elects of 2000. (Pantera design by Amy Cyrway) (59k, 11-9-00)
  22. "Talk to the Hand" - It looks like Beast Wars Megatron ran into some trouble, but he finds that it will only get worse after the operation! (60k, 11-9-00)
  23. "Dinosor" - This doodle explains why the G1 Dinobots were never a gestault! (107k, 11-9-00)
  24. "No! You're an Idiot!" - A sweatshirt design of Cyrway's favorite Transformer done in acrylics. (40k, 11-9-00)

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