Ben-jammin' I.
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  1. Jetfire and Concept - just a sketch in paint - enjoy (20k, 4-29-03)
  2. Jetfire sketch - unfinished work (97k, 1-1-01)
  3. Jetfire Doodles - well, it's some doodling (56k, 1-1-01)
  4. Optimus as Santa - unfinished work of some Christmas Joy (71k, 1-1-01)
  5. Optimus Salute - here's a quick sketch of one prime salute (32k, 1-1-01)
  6. Optimus-Spidey Team-Up - unfinished as well, but I'm excited about this one... (95k, 1-1-01)
  7. Optimus-Dazed - This is a sketch, in the very beginnings, but none the less a work. Optimus is depicted here as being in a daze, a state of immense thought. (91k, 12-1-00)

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