Bill Heaston
[email protected]
  1. Neo Autobot Grimlock - "Realistic" Grimlock, colored in Paintshop Pro (had a species change, too, from an Allosaur to a T. rex) (96k, 12-10-01)
  2. Neo Autobot Slag - "Realistic" Slag, in the same format as Grimlock (84k, 12-10-01)
  3. Neo Autobot Snarl - "Realistic" Snarl, see Slag and Grimlock (73k, 12-10-01)
  4. Savage Noble - Noble, based on the toy, colored in PSP (63k, 8-9-01)
  5. Noble Savage - Savage, based on the toy, companion piece to my Noble. (70k, 8-9-01)
  6. Beamer and the Hard Sell - Will Mangin's Beamer Magnus just can't seem to unload policies fast enough. (30k, 8-9-01)
  7. Beast Machines Copperhead - My signature character, in his first "War for the Spark" incarnation (44k, 8-9-01)
  8. BM Copperhead, Beast Mode - Beast form for BM Copper, a 30 foot long cobra (58k, 8-9-01)
  9. Beast Machines Razorclaw - Jim Anderson's character, inked by Jake Isenberg (104k, 8-9-01)
  10. Calamity - One of the three Predacons claiming to be the Daughters of Waspinator, Calamity transforms into an ant lion and is the one Bot Inferno fears... (52k, 8-9-01)
  11. Beast Machines Galvatron - NOT pleased with the Oracle's choice for a Beast Mode, BW2nd Galvatron seeks revenge. (68k, 8-9-01)
  12. Inferno - An experiment in Prismacolor Pencils and Markers, based on the figure; quite a nice result. (52k, 8-9-01)
  13. Leoconvoy - The main character from BW2nd looked a bit doofy. I changed that. (47k, 8-9-01)
  14. Pantera - Beast Wars era, character by Amy K. "Artemis Prime" Cyrway, muse of the illustrator (36k, 8-9-01)
  15. Skyfire - You'll never guess whose eyes are under that visor. Character again by Arty Prime. (54k, 8-9-01)
  16. Switchblade, Beast Mode - Character copyright Dan Scheidegger, a locust/thresher shark Fuzor. (62k, 8-9-01)
  17. Switchblade, Robot Mode - Character again copyright Dan Scheidegger, in robot mode (obviously). (57k, 8-9-01)

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