Amy K. Cyrway aka Cavalier
"Cavalier's Transformers Fanpage"
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Artist Sample
  1. "Felis Convoy" - from my upcoming Legacy series. Prismacolor Marker (67k, 3-4-01)
  2. "Corsair" - Finally Finished her Beast Mode! Prismacolor pencils (62k, 3-4-01)
  3. "Luke and Cav" - Experimental ink drawing. I like how Cav acame out; Luke's less than expected. Ink. (62k, 3-4-01)
  4. "Rampage" - Darkheart's BM revamp of Protoform X. Photoshop Coloured. (50k, 3-4-01)
  5. "Starscream" - New medium: Sanford Noblot Ink Pencil. (76k, 3-4-01)
  6. "Pantera Neo" - Ink Pencil. (49k, 3-4-01)
  7. "Tera's Trio" - Blancwulf, Jaxyl, and Inuarai from Beast Wars. Prismacolor Marker. (101k, 1-24-01)
  8. "Justicatus" - Quintesson Neo-Executioner Design I was playing with. Pencil. (64k, 1-24-01)
  9. "No Need For Promises" - That Escaflowne title song is addicting! Pencil. (65k, 1-24-01)
  10. "Razormoon" - Sketch of Razormoon, a bud of mine from TFSL. Pencil. (44k, 1-24-01)
  11. "Antagonist in Black" - Starscream on black matboard. My latest pride and joy. The original is 16x20. Prismacolor pencil. (54k, 1-24-01)
  12. "Artemis Prime Perspective Study" - An attempt at looking up at Arty Prime. Prismacolor pencil. (47k, 1-24-01)
  13. "Thorn" - Random idea for a plant Transformer. Prismacolor Marker. (80k, 1-24-01)
  14. "Vanguard and Arty" - My friend Neale Davidson's character flirts with Arty. Prismacolor Marker. (94k, 1-24-01)
  15. "Darkbird and Black Arachnia" - A request from a friend of mine, JC Kennemer, as well as an experiment with a new medium. Prismacolor Marker. (61k, 12-1-00)
  16. "Copperhead" - A request from a friend of mine, Bill Heaston. Prismacolor marker. (50k, 12-1-00)
  17. "Dummy Act" - A joke for the Fanart Fight Club of Starscream and Cobra Commander. Photoshop coloured. (82k, 12-1-00)
  18. "Noire" - A character of joint custody of mine and Stephen Sobotka's. Prismacolor Pencil. (46k, 12-1-00)
  19. "Prime Defection!" - A really slagged up creativity demon kicked me in the head on this one...we can thank my friend Stormy for it...she just had to mention the episode "Starscream's Ghost"... Photoshop coloured. (54k, 12-1-00)
  20. "BM Silverbolt" - Nuff Said. Prismacolor marker. (49k, 12-1-00)
  21. "Starfire" - A request by my friend JC Kessemer. Photoshop coloured. (62k, 12-1-00)
  22. "Pantera Neo" - What is it with this chick and her damned upgrades?! Photoshop coloured. (74k, 12-1-00)
  23. "Desertstrike" - My best friend Jenny's character, a Decepticon ATV. Prismacolor with Photoshop background. (64k, 10-9-00)
  24. "I Disappear" - Third in a series of song-based pics, this one's my character Artemis, and her theme song "I Disappear" by Metallica. Photoshop coloured. (55k, 10-9-00)
  25. "N.I.B." - First in the series. From my fics, Starscream and Artemis, the song is "N.I.B." by Black Sabbath. Photoshop coloured. (65k, 10-9-00)
  26. "Phase Two" or "Skywarp's Bad Day" - An incident from a Beast Machines RPG, where Skywarp was infected by a rather nasty "virus" that turned his arm into a womb for a technorganic clone of Shrapnel. An interesting story, indeed. Photoshop coloured. (60k, 10-9-00)
  27. "Powertrip" - Second in the series. Starscream and his ultimate dream come true. The song is Monster Magnet's "Powertrip". Photoshop coloured. (84k, 10-9-00)
  28. "Artemis Prime" - New redesign for my Prime character. Ain't much of a change, but she looks so much better! And not bad for my first attempt at Prismacolor Markers! Prismacolor Marker. (94k, 10-9-00)
  29. "Akitsu" - This is a gift to a friend of mine, Michael Rook, of his character Akitsu. Prismacolor. (95k, 9-26-00)
  30. "Beast Machines Jaxyl" - Actually, Jaxyl was a character of mine who died during the beast an RP, he returns as a rather messed up zombie-like character instilled with the god-essense of Anubis. Long story. Photoshop. (72k, 9-26-00)
  31. "In The Deep Marine" - Depth Charge! Pastel. (68k, 9-26-00)
  32. "Mercenary" - From a G1 fic that takes place between season 2 and the Movie with my character Artemis. I've gotta work on perspective. Primsacolor. (89k, 9-26-00)
  33. "No Chance" - My character Cavalier with Hot Rod and Arcee in the background. Prismacolor with Photoshop enhancements. (78k, 9-26-00)
  34. "Attacked!" - I just got a new Prismacolor blender, and I just had to try it out! Primsacolor. (79k, 8-23-00)
  35. "Roadmasters: Alegra" - This design was fun, mainly because I kept seeing her as some sort of pulp sci-fi cover art of a dime-store Doc Smith novel...all in all, Stephen (Alegra's creator) loved it! Prismacolor. (70k, 8-23-00)
  36. "Beast Machines Skywarp" - A concept character sketch of Skywarp after someone had asked me quite jokingly if Starscream was lonely being the only Decepticon in my Beast Machines stories. The next thing I know, I'm working on his and Thundercracker's intros into my fic verse. His beast mode is a goshawk. Prismacolor. (40k, 8-23-00)
  37. "Beast Machines Thundercracker" - He's the cute one. ^_^ Same story as Skywarp, save for my best friend Jenny telling me Thundercracker had to be cute. I argued with her until she let me put a goatee on Skywarp, and we're both happy. His beast mode is a peregrine falcon. And yes, he has freckles. Interestingly enough, so do young peregrines. Prismacolor. (49k, 8-23-00)
  38. "Beast Machines Bruticus II" - A scrapped fanfiction idea starring my favourite gestalt, the Combaticons. It was still a great idea to draw too. Pencil. (92k, 8-23-00)
  39. "Hordax" - Hordax is another one of Stephen Sobotka's creations. This is one dude I wouldn't want to mess with. Decepticon who transforms into an SR-71 loaded with weapons, interestingly enough. Prismacolor. (56k, 8-23-00)
  40. "Reformatted..." - Reformatted, but never reformed! It's the Seekers from Beast Machines! Ink. (102k, 8-23-00)
  41. "Betray" Confession Part One - A storyboard I was working on dealing with the rather nonexistant relationship between Starscream and Black Arachnia. The thing I like most is the mini-flashback. prismacolour with Freehand and Photoshop enhancements. (76k, 7-7-00)
  42. "Fallen Angel" - You'd think I'd get tired of this guy? It was actually an experiment in different Photoshop techniques that turned out pretty cool. Photoshop coloured. (76k, 7-7-00)
  43. "Balefire" - Balefire is Stormrave's replacement as Vehicon Aerodrone Captain. Good news: he's blindly loyal to Megatron. Bad news? He's a total flamer with a crush on Jetstorm and a nasty habit of giving fashion tips to the Maximals while firing on them. My best friend Inuarai's character, and a riot to play with in RP. Prismacolors. (69k, 7-7-00)
  44. "Coronation" - What Starscream fan artist would be complete without her own pic of the infamous Coronation? I know he doesn't have the crown'lll be in the coloured version. Pencil. (93k, 7-7-00)
  45. "Hunting for X" - The finished coloured version. Crayola Colour Pencil. (83k, 7-7-00)
  46. "It Must Be Love" - I don't like how Rattrap came out, but Botannica came out awesome! Pencil. (83k, 7-7-00)
  47. "Spage" - Spage is a Vehicon cycledrone Captain, requested by my friend Cheetor Midnight. Prismacolor. (61k, 7-7-00)
  48. "Starfury" - Yet another Starscream-based character who appeared in a boredom relief comic gone wild. Prismacolor. (61k, 7-7-00)
  49. "TM2 Pantera" - I tell ya, this gal goes through upgrades and shells like I go through Prismacolor pencils! Don't like her face too much, but the rest of her is totally faboo! Prismacolor. (83k, 7-7-00)
  50. "BW Pantera" - And here's plain ol' normal 'Tera. Prismacolor. (56k, 7-7-00)
  51. "Roadmasters: The Rescue" - This was a commission from my friend Stephen Sobotka, with his characters Max Prime (the lion), Halftrak (the tiger), and Rav (the snow leopard) with my beast machines version of Starscream. Prismacolor with photoshop enhancments. (72k, 7-5-00)
  52. "Corsair" - From our fanfiction, Leftworld is a parallel dimension of Rightworld, the "canon" timeline. Corsair is one of the fuzors from this realm. Prismacolor. (75k, 7-5-00)
  53. "Left World Waspinator" - In Leftworld, the Beast Wars end in a draw, but Megatron dies. So the Spark Wars of Beast Machines happen in a different twist. Here's Leftworld Waspinator, reformatted. Prismacolor. (67k, 7-5-00)
  54. "Megatron's Legacy" - A Predacon from our fanfiction multiverse who stayed on Cybertron while Megatron went to Prehistoric Earth. Her mission? Well, you don't think Megatron did all that to Cybertron during Beast Machines all by himself, do you? Photoshop coloured. (72k, 7-5-00)
  55. "Beast Machines/Leftworld Depth Charge" - This was actually a dual purpose pic. In our Leftworld stories, Depth Charge survived the Beast Wars (and so did Rampage). At the same time, my friend Jimmy requested me to design what Big Blue would look like during Beast Machines. Photoshop coloured. (58k, 7-5-00)
  56. "Kawaii Birddog!" - Silverbolt is mobbed by his adoring fans! 57k
  57. "Hunting for X" - Depth Charge and Beast Wars Pantera hunting in a wooded area. 109k
  58. "What gave you the idea I'm a good girl?" - Beast Machines Pantera striking a pose. 93k
  59. "Artemis Prime" - My fic character Artemis, post Matrix, during the Quintesson Occupation. Prismacolor, 70k
  60. "Beast Machines Starscream Profile" - In my BM fics, Starscream's spark makes a deal with the Oracle: For a new body and revenge on Megatron and "the sparkless perversions of the Decepticon race", he must aide the Maximals in destroying Megatron's madness...however, it was not clarified what type of shell he was going to recieve... Photoshop colored; ink drawing., 41k
  61. "Fallen: 'The Shades of Grey Must Be Sought'" - Starscream and 'Tera/Artemis, who have a long history together... Photoshop coloured; ink drawing, 56k
  62. "Starscream Profile" - 'Nuff Said. Ain't he the handsome devil? Photoshop colored; ink drawing, 30k
  63. "Hecate" - a rather mean Vehicon who takes over for Tankorr's tank drones. She's a hovertank/muscle car...and she's evil to her corrupted spark. Prismacolor; Photoshop-rendered background, 73k
  64. "Kawaii Kittybot!" - Original Cheetor. Pencil, 50k
  65. "Pantera Final" - My Maximal Elder during Beast Machines, she's got some serious issues. Her transformation is a jaguar. Prismacolor, 70k
  66. "Vehicon Stormrave" - My friend Mary's character, Stormrave is a Vehicon Aerodrone Captain who regains control of her spark and helps the Maximals...but she insists on keeping her Vehicon form. Prismacolor, 57k
  67. "Valentines" - Valentines pic of Black Arachnia and Silverbolt, Beast Wars. Photoshop coloured, ink drawing, 45k