Well, you've all heard of the Geek code, the Goth code, the Cat code, etc, etc, etc. Well, it's time for the Transformers Code! Yes, now we too can include strings of gibberish at the bottom of our sigs to confound newbies!

TF Code V 1.2

by Lizard

This is the first revision of the list. I will collect all suggested additions, alterations, etc, and try to maintain a coherent 'official' list, assuming there is any interest. I have included suggestions from other a.t.t. readers, sometimes slightly modified by me. All credit is given where known. Addendum: Any reference to individual posters in this document is done in a spirit of fun. No offense is intended, and if anyone feels they are being unjustly satirized, I will remove them.


In the spirit of the Geek Code, I've added the following variables to provide more flexibility to the individual categories:

General Love of TF's (G)

Place a "*" in front of the code to indicate you have done something special for TF fandom, such as written the Purity Test, maintaining the FAQ, or the Toy List, or...er...written the TF Code. :) Anyone who ran a Botcon, give yourself TWO stars!

Fanfic (F(R/W))

Modelling (M)

Follow the code with a number to indicate the number of models you've made, as in M++(3).

Number (#)

Display (D)

Allegiance (A(A/D))

Newsgroup (N)

Web Page (W)

Beast Wars(B)


BotCon Codes(BC#)

Suggested by Skyjammer. The "#" is the year of the Con.

MUSHing (TF1/TF2k5/TF2/CWTS)

Suggested by Douglas Hayden

The code is MU+Mush Code (see above)+Modifier, or MU if you have no MUSHing experience on any MUSH. Use a # before the MU to indicate a defunct MUSH.

Replace "TF1" with the appropriate code. Use multiple entries for multiple MUSH's. Place a "*" in front of the mush to indicate admin/wizard privileges. Thus, someone who is an admin on TF2 and spends most of his life there would be *MUTF2++.

Other Merchandise (OM)

Purity Test (P)

Using Instructions

Thus, yours truly would be: *G+++ FR+ FW++* M- #100 D+ AD+ N++ W B++ OQ++ BC94 BC95 BC96+++ MU- OM P340. More categories/suggestions still welcome!

Maintained by H. Jameel al Khafiz
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