Welcome to the
Evolution of Greg!

To the left you will see thumbnail images of me throughout the years. I've done my best to get them all into proper chronological order, but there maybe be some mix ups, especially of the earlier and more recect pictures. When possible, I have chosen portraits to scan. When portraits are not available, I have tried to find the most "portrait like" pictures to include here. In many cases, these are quick snapshots of me, sometimes with other people. In any case, I'm sure you'll enjoy seeing how I've changed over the many years of my existence.
In all cases, the thumbnail image is linked to a larger image. Some of the years link to different images (than the thumbnail) of me at the same age, and *some* of the years are actually two links to two different picture (yes, some years have up to three different pics!).
Also be aware that not all the images are exactly a year apart. Some might be considerably less or more than a year apart, so changes in my appearance might be minimal or exaggerated.