All these sounds were recorded by me, using a microphone held close to the speakers of the actual products. As such, they sound just like they do when playing a game. Also, they're really not good enough to use as source sounds in other equipment. They are here for educational purposes. If I am mistaken in any of my descriptions, please let me know. And finally, please don't copy or deep link to these sounds, but links directly to this page are ok.

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Sounds of Lazer Tag Phoenix LTX

From the Hasbro Lazer Tag products starting fall 2008 with the Phoenix LTX and Shot Blast attachment.

Phoenix LTX
  1. Power Up - When you turn on the Phoenix LTX, this sound will play, along with the recoil action being tested.
  2. Solo - When Solo mode is selected.
  3. Team One - When Team One is selected.
  4. Team Two - When Team Two is selected.
  5. Team Three - When Team Three (between Team One and Team Two) is selected.
  6. Good Luck - After the game countdown is over, the tagger wishes you luck in your game.
  7. Fire - The primary firing sound of the Phoenix LTX.
  8. Nope - This sound means you can't do what you're trying to do, such as fire when your clip is empty, or use shields too soon after using them, or when they're gone.
  9. Reload - This is the entire reload sequence of sounds: dropping the ammo core "clip"; the tick sound that plays until you reload; and the re-inserting of the ammo core.
  10. Scanning - The Phoenix LTX plays this sound while scanning for LTTO hosted games. It will play until a hosted game is found, or an unhosted game is started.
  11. Shields - Full 10 seconds of shields.
Shot Blast
  1. Activate - This is the sound you hear when the Shot Blast attachment has been connected to the Phoenix LTX tagger indicating that it is ready for use.
  2. Load - When you rack the Shot Blast, this sound indicates that a shot is loaded and ready to fire.
  3. Fire - After loading a Shot Blast shot, pulling the trigger of the Phoenix LTX will fire it, playing this sound.
  4. Deactivate - You'll hear this sound when you remove the Shot Blast attachment, indicating that it is not longer an available option.

Sounds of Lazer Tag Team Ops

From the Hasbro Lazer Tag Team Ops products, beginning 2004: Deluxe, IRT-2x (Drone) and Tag Master Blaster (TMB) taggers.

Sounds unique to the Deluxe taggers.
  1. Tag Launched (Deluxe) - The sound of a Deluxe tagger being fired.
  2. 10-Tags Launched (Deluxe) - The sound of a Deluxe tagger pulling off a full ten rounds. Note that doing so will put your Deluxe into Overheat (sound below).
  3. Excellent! - If you land ten tags in a row (without getting tagged yourself in the middle somewhere), and have the hit confirmations so that your tagger knows it, it plays this reward sound. Tags don't need to be on the same opponent.
  4. Deluxe Firing 4 shots and getting 4 hit confirmations - An example of how the hit confirmation sounds are stored until you're done firing and played back in a slightly quicker manner. Notice how only the first half of the first 3 confirmations are played, and the last confirmation has the complete sound played back. This is to speed up the process of playing a lot of hit confirmations.
  5. Building up a Mega-Tag (Deluxe) - The sound a Deluxe tagger makes as you hold the Function button and pull the trigger to add tags to a Mega-Tag. Each trigger pull plays this sound and adds a tag, up to 3 additional tags can be included with the next tag launched, which will be the Mega-Tag. This sound is also used in some places to indicate that the LCD contrast is being adjusted.
  6. Mega-Tag Launched (Deluxe) - A 4-tag Mega-Tag being launched by a Deluxe Tagger. Note that after a Mega-Tag is launched, the tagger will go into Overheat mode. Overheat time is shorter with 3 and 2 hit Mega-Tags.
IRT-2X (Drone)
Sounds unique to the Drone.
  1. Tag Launched (Drone and "old code" TMB) - The sound of a Drone tagger being fired.
  2. Triple-Tag Launched (Drone) - The sound of a Drone tagger firing a full 3-shot burst.
  3. Auto-Reload (Drone and TMB) - The sound of a Drone tagger automatically reloading its clip.
  4. Out of Ammo (Drone and TMB) - If the game has limited ammo, the Drone will make this click when it is out. Note that it's just the first part of the Auto-Reload sound, and that the Deluxe uses the "Cannot Fire" sound instead.
Tag Master Blaster (TMB)
Sounds unique to the TMB.
  1. Tag Launched (Tag Master Blaster) - The new firing sound of the TMB. Firing can be in single shot, 3-shot bursts, or 10-round automatic modes. The first 25,000 units actually have the same sounds as the IRT-2X (referred to as "old code"), thereafter they all used the new sound ("new code").
  2. Tag Master Blaster Missile/Rocket Ready - This is the sound the TMB makes after the missile has been inserted and is ready to be launched. The sound is also played immediately after shields are turned off or Neutralization ends because the missile is disabled at those times.
  3. Tag Master Blaster Missile Launch - The sound the TMB makes when the missile leaves the firing tube. This can often be obscured by the sound of the mechanism being pulled to release the missile, or the popping noise of the missile leaving the launch tube.
  4. Auto-Reload (Drone and TMB) - The sound of a Drone tagger automatically reloading its clip.
  5. Out of Ammo (Drone and TMB) - If the game has limited ammo, the Drone will make this click when it is out. Note that it's just the first part of the Auto-Reload sound, and that the Deluxe uses the "Cannot Fire" sound instead.
  6. Tag Landed Confirmation (Tag Master Blaster) - The TMB has a new hit confirmation sound to reduce confusion between that sound and the "Tag Received" sound on previous models. When you've tagged an opponent with a TMB, you should hear this. On "old code" TMBs, this sound is the same as on previous models.
All Taggers
Sounds that all LTTO taggers have in common.
  1. Power up - This is the "turning on" sound you get when you pull the trigger on the tagger (or almost any button on the Deluxe). This sound is also played when becoming "de-neutralized" during a Zone or Respawn game.
  2. 10 Second Countdown to LTAG - Another trigger pull after power-up is this sound, starting a game of LTAG. The 30 second countdown to a hosted game is the same sound, but 3 times as long.
  3. Good Luck! - This sound is played immediately after the preparation countdown to indicate that the game has officially started.
  4. Overheat - Overheat mode. All tags launched increase the "temperature" of the tagger. This is fictitious, of course, but it's something to watch out for while playing. Firing 10 rounds quickly with any tagger will overheat the tagger, as will firing a Mega-Tag with the Deluxe.
  5. Tag Received - The sound you hear when a hostile opponent tags your gear.
  6. Tag Landed Confirmation - When you've tagged an opponent, you should hear this.
  7. Lock-on to opponent - When you aim at an opponent and get a lock-on.
  8. Lock-on to teammate - You'll hear this sound when you aim at a teammate in team games. The same sound is play whether Team Tags are on or off.
  9. Tagged a teammate - If you tag a teammate, you'll hear this hit confirmation sound. You don't want to hear this sound... ever, 'cus there goes your score. This does not happen when Team Tags are Off, of course.
  10. Tagged by a teammate - If you're tagged by a teammate, or otherwise non-hostile opponent such as a player who should be hiding from you during HDSK games, you hear this. Being tagged by a teammate does not affect your score, but it does take a tag off of your total. This does not happen when Team Tags are Off, of course.
  11. Host Listening - When a game is hosted, the host tagger makes this sound while listening for players trying to join. This sound is also used by the tagger that requests Medic Mode assistance, until it gets answered or gives up.
  12. Joiner Listening - When joining a hosted game, your tagger will make this noise while listening for host communication.
  13. Hosting Problem - When the host receives an incorrect reply from a joiner, this sound is played while it tells the joiner to try again from scratch. This sound is also played a single time when the attempt for Medic Mode Assistance is given up.
  14. Hosting Communications Not Understood - The host can make this sound if it received a garbled communications from a joiner, or a joiner can make this sound if it sent a request to join and the host responded to a different joiner first, confusing the joining tagger. This sound is also played for the same reasons when an Assisting player does not get confirmation that a Medic Mode Tag transfer completed.
  15. Host Registering Player / Player getting "In" - This is the "ka-chung" sound heard by the host when it joins a player or player when they are registered into the game. This sound is also played when Medic Mode assistance is given or received.
  16. Shields - Putting your shields up for the full allowable ten seconds.
  17. Tag Received While Shielded - The wonderful "clang" sound heard when people try to tag you with your shields up. This is easily the best sound in the game, as you're running between cover, and tags are literally bouncing off your shields. :)
  18. Can't Fire - When you're out of ammo, or in overheat, or otherwise unable to launch a tag or raise sheilds for some reason, your tagger will make this sound. This sound is also used in other situations, such as preparing to host a game, to indicate that the action cannot be performed, e.g. "You can't do that right now."
  19. Warning! - This sound is played when you have fewer than five tags remaining. Hearing this sound means you'd better start being more careful.
  20. Danger! - This is the proximity alert sound. If you're within the beacon radius of an opponent, the tagger will play this sound every few seconds. This sound is disabled in Dual Mode with two Drones or with a TMB and a Drone.
  21. Game Over! - When the tagger is turned off in some cases, and when the game ends due to time running out.
  22. You're Out! - When you're tagged out, this is what you hear. This sound is usually (always?) immediately followed by the Shut Down sound.
  23. Shut Down - This sound immediately follows the "You're Out!" sound, as well as plays when Neutralized in Zone and Respawn games.
  24. Menu Navigation Blip - The blip heard when navigating menus such as when hosting and checking scores after debriefing.
  25. Menu Selection Beep - The beep heard when a menu item is selected, such as when choosing settings for a hosted game.
  26. Zone Time - The "woop" sound heard while in a Zone and collecting zone time. Sometimes heard during the hosting process, but I can't nail down when and why, 'cus I can't make it happen.
  27. Hostile Zone - Alarm which sounds when you have been neutralized. If you stay out of the Zone while neutralized it only plays once every 3 or 5 seconds, but if you are still in the Zone (and it hasn't yet been 5 seconds since you were tagged and neutralized) then it sounds constantly and rapidly. So it's kind of two sounds, "Get out of the Zone NOW!" and "Stay out of the Zone". Note that this is actually the same sound as the Hosting Problem sound, but I put it as a separate entry to help people recognize an important sound during Zone games.

Sounds of WoW Lazer Tag

From the Worlds of Wonder (the original) Lazer Tag products of the mid 1980's.

Store Display Soundtrack
This is a very special sound, one that very few people have actually heard, or at least remember hearing if they were lucky enough to run across one of these. This is the soundtrack that played from within the large in-store Lazer Tag display that graced a few stores around the country. As you can hear, it was meant to give the fictional back story for the toys, as well as an example of how they worked. If the sounds of the gear alone don't conjur a feeling of nostalgia, this soundtrack surely will. This sound was recorded by John "LazerBait" Haugland from a working unit that he once owned.
  1. Firing - The only sound a basic StarLyte pistol makes. Revel in the old school flava.
  1. On/Out - This is the siren noise it makes when you turn it on, or when you are tagged out.
  2. Hit - The sound made when you are tagged, hopefully by an opponent and not yourself.
  3. Status - The slow, steady status beep of an untagged sensor. This sound increases in frequency as it receives more tags.
  1. Beep - This is the interface input beep. It sounds when you turn on the StarBase, when you flip a switch inside, when you press the input button to increase the time or tags until game over, and even when you press the Big Red Button to start the game.
  2. Begin/Dead - This it the sound you hear when you start the game, as well as when the game is over due to timeout or the StarBase being tagged out. Unmistakable sound to all classis WoW Lazer Tag players.
  3. Fire - This is the sound the StarBase makes when it emits tag signals in a game where Fire Back is turned on. If you're anywhere near the StarBase when it fires, expect to take a tag if you're not covered.
  4. Hit - This is the sound the StarBase makes when you tag it.
  5. Shield - This is the sound the StarBase makes when it puts up shields in a game where Shield is turned on. The length of time the shield is up is somewhat random, so you can't just count down to when it's off and tag it. It's also usually followed up fairly soon by a tag emission if Fire Back is on.

Sounds of Tiger Lazer Tag

From the Tiger Lazer Tag product line of the late 1990's

  1. On - The sound made after turning the unit on.
  2. Firing - The firing sound, duh. :P
  3. Hit - When it is tagged, this is the sound it makes.
  4. Status - The status beep that you hear while playing. Just like the WoW sensors, the frequency of these beeps increases as you are tagged down.
  5. Shields - This is one of the three shields you get during a game. Shielding last as long as the sound, then you're vulnerable again.
  6. Supershot - When you pull both the shield and trigger at the same time, the tagger sends the 1-hit-kill signal. You only get one of these per game, so use it wisely.
  7. Out - When it is tagged for the last time, this is the "you're out" indication.
  8. 1 Hit Death - When tagged by a Supershot from another player, this is your indication that you got tagged out in one shot.
  1. On - The power-up sound. Unlike the Striker, the Stinger uses voice clips for a few of the sounds, including this one which says "Activated" mixed in with the power up sound.
  2. Firing - The firing sound, different from the Striker.
  3. Hit - When tagged, this is what you hear.
  4. Status - The Status beep of the Stinger. Different from the Striker, this one also increases in frequency as you are tagged down.
  5. 2 Hits Remaining - The Stinger warns you of impending death with this sound on your 8th tag that says, "Warning, 2 Hits Remaining."
  6. 1 Hit Remaining - Your final warning before being tagged out, saying "Warning, 1 Hit Remaining."
  7. Shield - The Shield sound of the Stinger. Like the Striker, you only get 3 of these per game.
  8. Supershot - This is the 1 hit kill sound for the Stinger. Again, you get only one per game, but the Stinger has a dedicated button for this function.
  9. Out - When you're tagged out, this is your series of beeps to let you know.
  10. I didn't get a recording of it, but when the Stinger is tagged by a Supershot from another player, it does a similar sequence as the Striker, playing two blips, two tagged sounds, and then the out sound.
  1. On - A series of blips indicating that the unit has been turned on.
  2. Firing - Pull the trigger, it does this. (Same as the Striker, but recorded from the ATW)
  3. Hit - Get tagged, it does this. (Same as the Striker, but recorded from the ATW)
  4. Status - The status beep that you hear while playing. Just like the WoW sensors, the frequency of these beeps increases as you are tagged down. Note that this is the same sound as used on the Striker.
  5. Out - The series of blips indicating that it has been tagged out. (Same as the Striker, but recorded from the ATW)
  6. Note that the ATW does not have shields or supershot. It does, however, have a mute button, which is a feature also present on the Stinger, but NOT on the Striker.

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