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Auburn Lazer Tag Club

Club Info Page
Live in or near Auburn, Washington? Then come play some laser tag with the ALTC! To play is to be a member!
Photo Gallery
A quick and convenient way to view photos of ALTC games, including automatic slide shows!
Start a club!
Read Greg's article on how to start a laser tag club of your own,
Greg's Story
How did a mild mannered kid come to be a Lazer Tag lover? Find out... if you DARE!!!


Lazertag Chat
Want to chat in real time with other laser sport fans? Here you go!
Tagger Profile Database
This is where laser tag gamers around the world are welcome to share their basic personal information so that other players can find them and set up games or meetings. No matter what type of laser gaming you play, please create a profile, and check if there are other players near you.
Some useful and appropriate links for your surfing pleasure. From message boards to clubs and modders.


Information and images of the Lazer Tag Team Ops gear.
Equipment Mods
Mainly LTTO mods, now including the ones I've done as well as those by others, all linked from one page.
Tips, Tricks, and Training
Some tips and tricks for enjoyable Lazer Tagging as well as some training videos I've made.
Help and Troubleshooting
Having a problem with one of your taggers? Check here in case it's common.
Hidden Features and Easter Eggs
Some LTTO gear has hidden features and even easter-eggs. Check them out along with unlock codes!
LTTO Games
LTTO Taggers come with games programmed into it. This page describes them all.
Other Game Ideas
Fan made games that can be played with the LTTO gear.
Hear the many and varied sounds the LTTO taggers and accessories make.
Some fun, useful, and interesting content for you to download and keep on your computer such as laser tag music and video!


This page is made by a fan (me!) at my own cost of money (for my web host) and time. It is free to you (the surfer). As you can see, I am partial to the new Lazer Tag Team Ops products from Hasbro/Tiger. As such, my site has that theme, and my content will be focused on those products. But, the Tagger Profile Database is for everybody that likes to play laser tag sports/games, so don't let the LTTO thing turn you away!

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