Meet your hosts

Greg Gaub Tod Sturgeon
Greg is the founder of the ALTC. He's been an Auburn resident for more than 10 years, and has had a love for outdoor laser tag gaming since he was a teenager. Read Greg's Story to find out why and how he started the ALTC. After searching for many years, Tod has finally discovered a sport that is light on the dexterity and heavy on the fun. He has been an Auburn resident for 6 years now, but since he lives on the same block that his father grew up on, he considers himself a native.

The ALTC Beamers!

The official Auburn Lazer Tag Club team name is the "Beamers." This name was chosen for its family/kid friendly nature from a list of suggestions from past ALTC players. If you would like to join the ALTC Beamers, just come and play! If you've been to more than one ALTC game, then you're an honorary Beamer. You can also be added to our ALTC Members Gallery.

Now you can show your membership in, and support for, the ALTC by donning official ALTC apparel! Just go to http://www.cafepress.com/altc to see what choices there are. Also, $1 from every item goes to help keep the ALTC running.

Have you played in an ALTC game where we kept score? If so, check out the Rank Chart.

The ALTC in the News!

So far, we've only truly been in the news once, but you never know. So here we have link(s) to any ALTC related news happenings, be they newspaper articles, blogs, TV news/programs, or whatever. If it's news-like and linkable, it's here.

Reporter Newspapers, January 2006
Contributing writer Jessica Davis took up the gauntlet of writing a piece on the ALTC. Apparently the regular listing of ALTC events in the Reporter Calendar intrigued the newspaper enough to ask for a story at some point. Jessica contacted me and I answered a mess of questions. I also put her in touch with parents of some of the other players for their thoughts on the club. One of them contributed the photo you see in the article. While I would have a chosen a different quote to be the first out of my virtual mouth in this article, it's a great article overall. Hopefully future news about the ALTC will be as positive.

Need more information? Contact me.

For more information or answers to questions, contact Greg Gaub at (253) 288-2350, or via e-mail at "ggaub at ggaub dot com."

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