How do I join the club?

Subscribe to the ALTC Yahoo Group

Just put your primary email address in the field below and click the Join! button. The mailing list is used ONLY for game notifications and special announcements. There is no chatting or spam or anything.

Just show up!

Join the club by showing up and playing some tag. We'll ask you to sign a waiver, but that's it. You might also want to join the ALTC Yahoo Group. We'll be using this group to send automatic reminders for upcoming meets. If you don't want to miss a game, be sure to join this group so that you get the reminders!

The Waiver

The waiver is a jumble of legalese that protects me, and the Auburn Lazer Tag Club, from lawsuits if a player gets hurt while playing. The IR beams from the taggers won't hurt anyone, but by simply playing in a park and running around in the woods, injuries can happen. It's life, really, and I can't be held responsible for life happening to someone while playing tag. Please read the Rules, Terms and Conditions of Participation, and the Waiver of Liability, Assumption of Risks, Release & Indemnity Agreement prior to coming. You may print it out, sign it and bring it to the game, but I will have copies at the game for players (and their parents) to fill out if needed. Reading it before coming will save time, though. You should never sign a legal document without reading it first!

How much does it cost?

It's free! The ALTC is really just a bunch of people who get together to play laser tag in Auburn. If you would like to try it out before you buy your own gear and you need to borrow gear, we greatly appreciate the donation of a 6 pack of name brand AA batteries per player, or a couple bucks to cover battery costs. You'll want to bring something to drink and/or snack on as well. There is a limited amount of gear to be borrowed, so if you have your own gear, please bring it. If you can afford to purchase your own gear for yourself or children, please do so. LTTO gear is well worth the price, as it is high quality, and feature-packed.

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