HandyShopper FAQ

Last updated January 19, 2004

1. Does HandyShopper work on my device?

2. Will databases created with the HS2 Beta work with the final version?

3. It's really annoying to have to tap the little magnifying glass icon to use the Lookup mode.

4. The Contrast button doesn't work on a PalmV or PalmVx or m100, etc.

5. How do I get to the Preferences?

6. I imported from 1.x, but it did not import my aisles.

7. I entered a bunch of aisles, but HS2 does not display them.

8. Using the Quantity field is very awkward; I don't care about decimal quantities.

9. It is very awkward to pick an Aisle from the aisle dropdown; I have to scroll it a lot for large aisle numbers.

10. What happens when "Need" is hilighted and I tap it again?

11. What good are "multiple databases"?

12. How can I import/export to a CSV file?

13. I don't understand the symbols in the leftmost column. I would expect just a checkbox.

14. Is there a desktop version of HandyShopper?

15. How can I reset the items in the All view back to dots instead of checkmarks?

16. Why do I have to use the Checkout command? HandyShopper 1.7 did not require this.

17. How can I purge (delete) only my completed items?

18. How can I make sure my databases are backed up when I HotSync?

19. How can I make a copy of an entire database?

20. How can I find other commands in HandyShopper? Is there a menu?

21. Is there a way to beam a database to another device?

22. Can I share a database with my partner, so we can merge the list?

23. The Total is incorrect.

24. I lost my data! How can I restore my HandyShopper databases? Are they backed up on my desktop computer?

25. I installed the latest version of HandyShopper, but it still shows the old name in my Launcher.

26. Why does HandyShopper limit me to only 15 categories? I need more.

27. If I want to enter different prices or aisles at different stores, do I have to copy all the items? Can I have multiple prices and aisles for the same item?

28. (Obsolete)

29. Does HandyShopper work on PocketPC devices?

30. Shouldn't the UnitPrice column be Price / Quantity?