Carving and stamping tools

There are many different tools used in the process of carving and stamping a project. Most are too small to have clickable areas, so I will define some here:

Swivel knife: an adjustable, swiveling handle with a sharp blade on the cutting end and a curved sling for the index finger on the other. It is used to cut lines into the leather to be shaped or tooled with other tools; the swivel knife is also used to add decorative cuts to a design to add interest and beauty

Ballpoint Stylus: a small steel tool shaped much like a sharpened pencil, on the sharp end is a small ball. the stylus is used to transfer designs from tracing film to leather and is designed to prevent piercing and tearing of the tracing film

Modelling Spoon: A modelling spoon has a small spoon shape at one end, and usually a point at the other, but sometimes another spoon shape. it is used to model and shape leather, especially when carving live figures like animals and faces

Stamping tools: stamping tools come in numerous shapes, textures and sizes. They are used to depress or emboss the leather in a particular way to bring out a particlar texture or to give relief to a design. Some different kinds of stamping tools include bevelers, shaders, veiners, flowers, basket weaves, camouflage, backgrounds, matts, seeders, ropes... All of which have a different result when impressed into wet leather.