"Sheba" Handbag

The "Sheba" is a concept I'm still working on as I have time to develop it. It's called the "Sheba" because I gave this prototype to my sister, who uses "Sheba" as a nickname on occasion. I'm still working on improving and redesigning it. I would ask that you do not attempt to copy it, but I certainly can't stop you. I got the idea for this from an artist that makes cylindrical purses out of license plates. I had never seen anything like it in leather, and so set out to design something. This is only a prelimenary design. I have tons of improvements floating around in my head, but not enough time/materials/skills to do some of them. So, it will have to wait until I acquire the skills needed to bring my ideas to life, as well as the $$ to pay for materials for a project that might turn out as crap. :\

Price: $100+

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