"Shannon and Timothy"

This patch was made for a future wedding photo album. The requirements were to have the two names on it, and a Celtic knot. I also had the advantage of a nice, big, 4x5 inch area to work with. So I hunted the net for some Celtic knots that might work, since all the ones I already had, or could make, were not really ideal. I managed to find the knot you see, called the "Lover's Knot" at a Celtic knot web site that has clip-art knots for people to use, as well as instructions on drawing knots. Anyway, I think it's called a lover's knot because it has two "trinity" kots tied together by a figure eight knot (known to be the symbol for infinity). A darn nice knot, if you ask me, and it seemed more than perfect for this patch. I resized it, traced and tooled it. I hope they like it as much as I do!
Size: 4" by 5"

Price: $25

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