Camera Case

Actually, this case is not all that new. I made it for my wife for an anniversary gift (I think... maybe birthday? ;-) a little while ago, and only now took pictures of it (with my digital camera). Basically, this was an excercise in turning a leather project inside out, so that the stitching is hidden. It was a pain, but I like the results, even if it's a bit rough (no lining, etc..). I used a magnetic clasp, hidden by the tooling patch on the flap. I also used a belt clip, and strap rings on the back. The strap is removable, and has a snap about 1/3 of the length such that it can be a shoulder strap, or taken apart and snapped together to use as a wrist strap. I also put a piece of leather on the back of the hardware, to prevent any scratching of the camera. [ View the Tooling || View the Inside ]

Price: $100+