Dispatch Rider "Mark II" Briefcase

It was time to make some changes, according to my brother, who was the recipient of the original briefcase. He had a new laptop that he wanted the case to accomodate. So, we sat down and worked out a set of modifications that turned his plain 'ol briefcase into what I like to call the "Mark II" version of the Dispatch Rider briefcase. The list of modifications is quite long, so bear with me.

See the inside!!
  1. Tooled patch of original Celtic style interwoven circles.
  2. 6 pen loops stitched to the back of the cover flap behind the tooled patch.
  3. Snaps under the flap buckles for easy opening and closing.
  4. Buckle on shoulder strap for adjustabliity.
  5. Strap widener for extra confort on the shoulder strap.
  6. Shoulder strap connects to the top of case due to expandable gusset.
  7. Expandable gusset to accomodate more materials and so that the case can stand by itself.
  8. Padded interior pocket for laptop.
  9. Interior pocket for other items next to laptop pocket.
  10. Business card size pocket on smaller interior pocket.

This case measures approximately 13"x17"x5".

Price: $500+