Trucker's Log Book Cover

This trucker's log book differs from the previous one in that it is a cover for a binder. Rather than a pad that slips into the cover, this log book was for loose leaf pages held together in a 3 ring binder. Instead of riveting a binder into the cover, which would require additional work to replace when it fails from use in a few years, this cover was made more like a book cover. An inexpensive log book binder is slipped into both sides of the cover. One side has pockets for a ruler, a pen, and some business cards. The other side allows the fold-over writing surface to go through so that it can still be used to provide a hard surface to write on, as well as protecting the other pages within the binder. The cover is held closed by 3 pen loops through which a single pen will keep the cover closed and the contents safe.

The artwork on this cover was based off of two photographs. An appropriate type of truck was found online in the desired point of view. That was traced for the carving. The actual owner's truck was used as a reference for the coloring and some minor changes to the traced photo as needed. Careful application of black dye followed by black stain resulted in a deep, pitch black background with accents to the tooling to enhance the depth and give an aged appearance. This cover was made 100% from scratch, not a kit, made to precisely fit the log book binder. It is hand stitched with black waxed thread, and the edges are smoothed and finished with a black edge coat. Finally, a clear gloss lacquer finish provides heavy protection from life and the elements while giving it a shine that will last for years to come.

Price: $150+

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