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The possibilities offered to a leatherworker are almost endless. Here is a very small listing of the many kinds of item I make with leather. Of course, this is only a small fraction of the thousands of things that can be made with leather, from the smallest coin purse, to the biggest leather jacket or Saddle. The items listed here are the kind usually made with tooling leather, but there are so many different kinds of things that can be made with so many different kinds of leather, that I could not presume to even begin trying to list them all. If you are learning about leather items in general, be sure to go to Leather Links on the IILG page and visit some of the other many web pages devoted to leather craft.

Choose the link to view a small (from the portfolio) picture of an example of that type of item.

Binders, Briefcases, Checkbooks, Clocks, Coin Purses, Wallets, Purses, Guitar Straps, Hair Barrettes, Picture Frames, More Wallets, Journals, Keychains, Knife Pouches, Legal Pads, Photo Albums, Clutch Purses, Neckties, Trucker Log Books, Bowling Bags, Holsters, Business card dispensers, Book covers, as well as, rifle slings, cigarette cases, key cases, bookmarks, watch bands, bracelets/belts/hat bands/bolo ties.

And a whole lot more! Virtually anything you might want can be made with leather. If I can't find a pattern for something, I do my best at designing one from scratch. I have a lot to learn as a leather worker myself, which helps make this craft one of the most exciting there is.