My hand made china cabinet...

In the College of Architecture and Urban Planning at the University of Washington, I was VERY fortunate to have get the furniture studio as my last studio at the college. At that point, I didn't much like architecture anymore, but that's another story. ;-)
So, furniture studio meant starting on paper and with ideas bantered about. While paper designing, you make scale models with cardboard. Sooner or later, you come to a design you want to build. The next step is a full size mock up with particle board to work out assembly and other design issues. Finally, you go get the REAL wood, and painstakingly build your design and hope for the best. I had a few glitches, such as the widest pieces of cherry were not wide enough for my cabinet sides and shelves. To fix this, I opted for an "accent" in the maple strip you see running through center of the sides and shelves. I also had a big SNAFU when during final assembly (lots of glue and tight joints which do NOT come apart after you get them together) I noticed that I had put the main shelf (the one on the TOP of the cabinet doors below) UPSIDE DOWN! The shelf was pre-drilled for the hinge pins of the doors! DOH! So, after crying and soul searching, I ended up doing another "accent" of maple to fill those holes, and drill through for the new holes. Anyway, it all came together, and I applied a (half-assed) french laquer finish. Unfortunately, while transporting from studio to home, it got rained on, giving me a water spotted half-assed french laquer finish. ;-)
Anyway, without further adieux (sp?), here's the pics: (click thumbs for bigger versions)